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Once in a generation, there comes a young adult with the power to shape the future in their hands.

I am not that person but I did give them a high-five once.

My name is Victor, I'm a 20 year old Hufflepuff who's not quite sure what to do with his life and I love kpop so much, it's stupid.

Let's be friends.

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"Desecration" of the "Amarican" flag..meanwhile we have a nation of extorted land and destroyed cultures, rushmore mountains vandalized in the name of colonalist glorification, resources from indigenous land being over exploited & unequally distributed. White people wearing cheap imitations of headdresses, and celebrating the genocidal rampages of chris Columbus & the pilgrims.

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So, here’s the thing, if we have a group of Christians that terrorize women seeking healthcare, blow up clinics, assassinate healthcare providers, another group harasses grieving families and disrupts communities by spreading hate, others deface synagogues and mosques, attack believers, spread…

You ain’t got no YEEZY nigga?!


Dear other white people:

If somebody calls you out on racist behavior and your response is to pull out the dictionary definition of racism, I honest to gods hope somebody snatches that dictionary out of your hands and clobbers you with it.



"They’re raised to lie, cheat and steal in order to use the system."

"They’re all stupid monkeys who need to be exterminated."

"They’re all thugs and liberal crack whores."

"They’re all smelly and mostly stupid, I’m not racist though."

"If some of them were taken off welfare and forced to work…

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I think you mean the ”Donate to Darren Wilson” haircut.